Well, Soleil looks pretty from where I'm sitting! Get over your grubby-hospital cold right away so you can model it for us.
#1 Sarah (Link) on 2005-05-31 22:31
As an experienced sinus sufferer, and thoroughly anti-drug human, there is a triage list of possibilities:

Flonase (or other intranasal steroid). Key.
Combo H1 blocker/decongestant

Sometimes anything is worth the cessation of symptoms. Oh it Abx time? That's a possibility.
#2 Laurie (Link) on 2005-06-01 06:15
I hope you're feeling better! I was struck with the same sort of thing last week and if you have the same strain, the end is near!

I have some power point review stuff that my class just sent out - I'm happy to send them to you if you'd like! (they are set up in buzzword/q'bank style and I'm using them as a break from the actual q'banks.) I'm down to less then a week and cannot wait until this is over.

(I hope your mom is doing well too!)
#3 Kristen (Link) on 2005-06-01 13:56
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