That's terrible news. Please accept my sympathies for your and your roommate's loss.
#1 Cordelia (Link) on 2005-06-24 11:59
it sounds like it was a wonderful wedding - with great weather for your camping trip!

I'm sorry to hear about your roommate's brother; I can't imagine being in that situation, and I hope the family has time to be together before having to return to "normal" life. Have a great weekend - do you have plans for other things next week?
#2 Kristen (Link) on 2005-06-24 12:21
I'm sorry this terrible thing has happened close to you. You are so right about holding on to those near and dear. It's important they always know how much they mean. Makes me hold my petulant tongue more often than not. And so improves all our lives.
#3 Laurie (Link) on 2005-06-25 13:56
Congratulations on boards. More will come - I know, as I have completed not one, but two residencies & survived the written & oral boards for each of those.

You, too, will find your path throug it all, bolstered by knitting.
#4 Dianna on 2005-06-27 11:52
I'm eager for Sarah to update us on her wedding on the blog. I'm so glad that it went well. Good memories!

I'm very sorry to hear about your roommate's brother. It's always terrible when someone close passes, especially when it's unexpected.
#5 Becky (Link) on 2005-06-28 12:33
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