Yahoo! And there I was feeling all bad at taking so long to get the package out. And then it got there at exactly the right time! I hope the rest of your week goes better. It's good to know people like you are becoming doctors. Always remember how much people like me appreciate it.

(I did knit the bookmark, by the way. I'm glad you like it.)
#1 Secret Pal on 2005-08-22 16:46
For your sake, PLEASE be careful about the medical stories. If anyone recognized the people in that accident, then you would be violating HIPA regulations about violation of confidentiality! I've been in your shoes, and I am a practicing physician. Believe me, I recognize the need to vent and tell the stories, but there is ever increasing vigilance about privacy violations.

I am glad to hear that you are interested and enthusiastic. Keep up the energy, grab what education you can both from the attendings, the housestaff and your patients.

Take care.
#2 Dianna on 2005-08-22 18:30
Folks, Dianna is right, I should be more careful about my stories. I think it is such a part of my nature to share things that upset me with people who listen and are interested in what I have to say. So I went back into the post and trimmed out some details that may be too close to truth. Privacy of my patients is not something that I take lightly, I just wasn't thinking clearly. Sorry!!
#2.1 minicia on 2005-08-22 20:20
Oh my gosh. That sounds awful. I'm so glad it's over. I second your secret pal: I'm glad people like you, who care, are becoming doctors.
And congratulations on the great mail. It sounds like it was just what you needed!
#3 Cordelia (Link) on 2005-08-22 20:16
Hey honey, I'm sorry you had such a horrible night! I hope those kids' parents are going to make it. :-( Adam and I were driving back from Maine (it was Rachel Seabury and Jon Sprague's wedding, btw - we should talk because I have a story that will make you laugh) and I knew it was going to be a bad night for accidents with the Sunday night traffic and the thunderstorm coming through. We thought of you when we were driving through Woo-town - wish we could have worked it out to see you somehow! Missed you at Camp Bobo, too - it's just as great as ever, although sadly they're gutting Hyde and totally renovating and it will be all new and swanky and not charming. No more pipes for kids to hang from.

P.S. Your Secret Pal and mine are the bomb - the Barbara Walker treasury is so awesome.
#4 Sarah (Link) on 2005-08-22 20:29
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