Fourth year was absolutely the best year of my life to date. No joke. You get more responsibility and a lot of vacation.

Congrats on finishing the hard stuff.
#1 Theresa (Link) on 2006-06-12 11:11
Fourth year was certainly easier than third year. It lets you catch a breath to prepare for internship.

Medicine is an insight into the human race. It changes your life in ways you never dreamed, as you see how other people live, and the consequences of some of their decisions.

The yarn? Whew. Now I don't feel so bad about MY numerous (and new) containers full. Naw, I'm SURE you don't see any roving in my closet.
#2 Laurie (Link) on 2006-06-16 20:58
Good luck in the fourth year. I am a psychologist who precepts internal medicine residents in physician-patient communication and relationship skills. Once in a while I get the pleasure of working with medical students. You are a great bunch of people!
#3 Brenda (Link) on 2006-06-22 07:46
congrats on finding a place to live!

I just started my FP rotation and must say that it's the best one I've had yet, and it's a nice way to end my third year. I, too, am looking forward to the fun that everyone says is fourth year; right now only a few of my rotations are set in stone, but hopefully the rest will work out. Where are you going to be rotating?

I am going to go through and sort out my yarn this weekend - those colored tubs are a great idea and I like that they are see through.
#4 Kristen (Link) on 2006-06-29 22:47
Good luck with fourth year, and happy housewarming to you and your boyfriend!
#5 Becky (Link) on 2006-07-07 17:10
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